How to change fonts on your mi android device running on miui 8

Disappointed users

when it comes to decent performances, mi users be like…..  “I’m the man!!” or ” I’m the girl!”, depending on their respective gender 😜 however when some android users (especially samsung) show out their various fonts …  mi users just don’t do anything coz there is no such things like “fonts” in their settings menu and sometimes it just feels so frustrating coz  you’re using a fully customizable ui packed in a decent performance device and you don’t even have the right to decide which font are you gonna be using on your Android device!!! …  😑 😑 that is bizarre! 


Although xiaomi has restricted its users from changing the fonts of their devices ….  it has not put the same scenario for what xiaomi calls “theme designers”, yep…  that is true… for changing your device’s fonts,  you my friend is required to be a “theme designer”…  my first reaction after reading this….  *bullshit!*…  i mean who does that! that’s racism! …  jus kidding 😜😂 but true to some extent 😑…

yes you all can become a theme designer (hypothetically atleast 😸)  so…  lets get started….

The process

first thing first….  you’re going to need your  mi account username and password for this so write it down on a piece of paper before we get started


  • you’ll be asked to give your mi user name and password 👇

as shown above..  u can also sign in with your facebook account

  • after you’re signed in, you will be logged into your account with a message flashing…. that you’ll be notified after the verification of your account has been done through email *IN 24 HOURS * 

 *The exact messege could be different*

…..  after 24 hours…..  

  • check your email account,  the one you provided in the registration form, and some Chinese email is what you’re gonna be looking at👇

only your name will be readable…. lol!

  • open it and click on the first Chinese link inside the mail, it should look like this 👇

and…..  boom! you’re a theme designer!!  congratulations 🎊 🎉 😘😜

when you click on the link..  xiaomi’s theme designer site will get open but this time the messege will be different….. it’ll be something like this👇

  • now you’re gonna need two apps
  1. ifont….. install 🔗 
  2. quick shortcut maker…..  install 🔗 

  • open quick shortcut maker and type “font” in the search box provided on the top of the app
  • expand the gear icon and you’ll see another gear icon with “font” as subheading….  click on it……….    (picture 1👆)
  • now change the label on the top (currently labeled as “settings”) to fonts (picture 2👆)

*its not necessary to change the label.. it is just to differentiate between the font shortcut and the normal settings shortcut*

  • after all this,  your homescreen should look like this (apart from the wallpaper 😜) ……  (picture 3 👆)

now we’re all set to select out favorite font… 

  • open ifont and select your favorite font out of the vast range of fonts
  • click on download (picture 4) and wait till  it gets downloaded and a new “theme”   option appears.
  • click on theme (picture5)

*afterwards two message pop ups will appear in front of you…  which you’re gonna close by clicking onto the “ok” button (pictures 6 and 7) *

  • now you are going all good.. your theme app should open….  click on “offline” (picture 8)
  • scroll down (if have too many themes installed)  and click on “import”   (picture 9) 
  • go to internal storage>miui>theme  (picture 10),  and select the downloaded font.
  • now go to the  ifont shortcut you created before named “fonts” on your home screen and 

select your cool font!!

so….  that was it, now no one….  like…   no one (especially Samsung users) can flaunt their “fonts”  in front of you! 😎

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  1. Not working !!
    It says “Sorry your phone is not ROOT yet, cannot replace font. Detected current is MIUI system, you can go to setting and change mode to MIUI”

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