Get Facebook Login’s Without Hacking Into It.

Many users always search for how to hack Facebook password without pre-requesting hacking skills.

So here we have the solution .


The first step is to open kali. This can also be done on a dual-boot with your Windows or Mac system, or in a virtual machine inside the operating system of your choice. This can also be done with windows we will guide that in later post.

In Kali, there is an app called the Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF). It is capable of helping you hack the victim’s browser and take control of it.


  1. login : You can login to BeEF by using the username beef and the password beef.3dayhack
  2. You will then by greeted by BeEF’s “Getting Started” screen.tdgcking-facebook-w1456-1

STEP 3 : Hook the Victim’s Browser

The simplest way is to simply embed the code into your website and entice the user to click on it.

The script looks something like below. Embed it into a webpage, and when someone clicks on it, you own their browser!

<script src= “ ; type= “text/javascript” ></script>

From here, I will be assuming you have “hooked” the victim’s browser and are ready to own it.

or you can through our HOOK tutorial.

STEP 4 : Send a Dialog Box to the User

When you have hooked the victim’s browser, its IP address, along with the operating system and browser type icons, will appear in the “Hooked Browsers” panel on the left.

If we click on the hooked browser, it opens a BeEF interface on the right side. Notice that it gives us the details of the browser initially. It also provides us with a number of tabs.we only go through ‘Commands” tab.


Click on the “Commands” tab, then scroll down the “Modules Tree” until you come to “Social Engineering” and click to expand it. It will display numerous social engineering modules. Click on “Pretty Theft” which will open a “Module Results History” and “Pretty Theft” window.

This module enables you to send a pop-up window in the user’s browser. we will be using the Facebook dialog box.


And then click EXECUTE button.

STEP 5 : The Dialog Box Appears on the Target System

When you click “Execute” in BeEF, a dialog box will appear in the victim’s browser like that below. It tells the victim that their Facebook session has expired and they need to re-enter their credentials.


we can see that the credentials appear in the “Command results” window. The victim has entered their email address “” and their password “password” and they have been captured and presented to you in BeEF.







  1. Awesome job buddy 😋.
    But i don’t understand how the script actually hook up the victim’s browser.
    Plz explain me the process, i m really enthusiastic about hacking…

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