Now Ubuntu’s Bash in Windows 10

Microsoft announced an “anniversary update” in Windows 10 build 14316 with new features, including Bash on Windows.

In order to run it, you have to activate developer mode.

  • Open Settings and go to Developer Mode > Update & security > For developers.
  • Search for Windows Features and click the option that reads “Turn Windows features on or off and look for the one that says “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta).”
  • Now you have to install Bash. Open command prompt as administrator and type “bash.”

Now you are ready to run Bash in Windows 10, but at present this is a tool presented for developers that want to use Linux software. It’s not for normal users to run native desktop Linux apps on Windows 10.

Microsoft has also enabled some new features such as Cortana cross-device with this latest test version of Windows 10 supporting on Windows 10 Mobile devices and Android phones.

List of new features in Windows 10 Build 14316 has:

  • Supporting new emoji.
  • Low battery notification
  • Preview version of the new Skype Universal Windows Platform app.
  • Find your phone, share maps or directions between your phone and PC and more, this works only when you’re using a Windows 10
  • Phones that support Continuum can now use the Connect app to display a virtual desktop on a PC without using a display dock or Miracast adapter.
  • The Microsoft Edge web browser now supports additional extensions including OneNote Clipper and Pin It Button.

But remember Bash is still in beta stage, so there might be a lot of bugs. like not detecting wireless cards on #ifconfig etc..etc..etc..

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