Video calling, now on whatsapp! 


late late late…!!  I mean Marky (Zuckerberg 😋)  you are late. when i first saw this on my screen (see the picture above)   i was like…  man!!  video calling on whatsapp!! cool!! , *but* after 2 sec i said…  hang on. ..  it’s  on whatsapp like…  now(2016)…  😑 after so looooooooong



With this new update, whatsapp is introducing video calling feature to its users. Although this feature is not available for some  android devices but it is available for some devices…..

*sometimes i don’t get get this discrimination among android devices:? *

Why not all devices? 

hmmmm….  whatsapp is not giving this privilege to all its android users…  sad 😐   but if u want to avail  this service, you must become “the beta tester for the app”.For that all you have to do is register for testing program here 👉registration🔗  after registration you will be asked to sign in with your account… .When the sign in process is completed the next step towards your video calling is to uninstall the installed version of whatsapp 

i.e.  version 2.16.310  (right image)
after the uninstallation process…  go to details of the app(by clicking “read more”)  and you’ll see the a new version 

i. e. version 2.16.319  (left image) 
what….  what are waiting for!…  go install it, video call it, enjoy it…🙌

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